Our Range Of IV Drips & Skin Boosters

IV Drips & Skin Boosters

Staying on top of all of our nutrition, vitamins and minerals can be a very difficult task especially in today’s society. Booster shots and IV drips are a great way of giving your body that extra boost of what it may be lacking and giving you that extra boost to get through your day to day tasks giving you that extra edge. Boost your energy, improve your brain function and increase your immune system.

Our specialist doctor will be able to advise you what injection/IV is going to be most suited for your needs. Come and relax in our specially designed IV lounge and regenerate your body from the inside out.


What is an IV drip or IM shot?

IV drip delivers vitamins and nutrients directly into the blood stream whilst an IM shot is delivered into a muscle for prolonged release of the nutrient. These are both low risk ways of delivering vitamins and nutrients.

Who administers the drip or shot?

Our team of GMC Registered highly experienced doctors will be administering the IV drips and IM shots, who will be monitoring you closely during your treatments. All our doctors are trained to deal with emergency situations that may arise.  

Are you suitable? (contraindications)

We will invite you for a free consultation to go through any concerns.

How long does the procedure take?

The IM shot is finished within a few moments whilst the IV drip ranges from 45 – 60 minutes.

When can you return to normal activities?


When will I see results?

Each person will feel a different positive effect at a different time frame and after a different number of treatments.

How many drips can I have?

We do not recommend more than 2 drips/shots a week or 9 drips/shots in 6 months. We can tailor the number and frequency of treatments to your needs.