Consultation Process

Starting your journey with us

Whether you are seeking to improve your skin health, signs of ageing or body confidence, our team are here to ensure you get the most from your treatments with us.


Booking in for your treatment is very easy, you can either book in for a specific treatment or a consultation with one of our specialists to get their expert advice. You can make your appointment by phoning the clinic and speaking to one of our wonderful team members or book directly through our website. We have our treatment menu available so you can book in for whatever treatment you would like.

Once you have an account created you can even reschedule your appointment if needed all from your phone. If you are a new client with us we will also send you your medical form to complete before your appointment to save you time at the clinic. As always if you ever have any questions about this process please just give us a call and we are more than happy to help.


Whether you are seeking to improve your skin health, signs of ageing or body confidence, our team are here to ensure you get the most from your treatments with us.

There are so many treatments available today it is sometimes overwhelming and confusing to decide what is going to be the best treatment to get you the results you are after.

We highly recommend booking in for a consultation if it is your first visit with us so we can make sure we are doing the best treatment for you. In some cases a combination of treatments will get you the best results, your specialist consultant will be able to recommend a bespoke treatment plan for you.

Our advanced skin scanner will look beneath the surface layers of the skin to see what is really going on underneath giving your consultant more information to make their treatment recommendation for you more accurate than what is possible by just looking at the outer skin.

All the team at Dr L’Art have been hand picked by Dr Dianni for their expert knowledge in aesthetics. We offer consultations with both doctors and aestheticians. You are in safe hands at Dr L’Art and our team will always give you honest advice and recommendations.


We have the latest and most advanced aesthetic devices available at Dr L’Art so you can be rest assured that your treatment is going to be carried out with top notch precision and get you the most effective treatment possible.

We use industry leading injectable products and have a range of options to customise to your individual needs. What is even more important than the product or machine itself, is who is operating them. This is something that can sometimes be overlooked when people are choosing what clinic to go to and search for just the treatment itself but it is so important to make sure whoever is performing your treatment is fully qualified and an expert in their field.

At Dr L’Art we are proud to be constantly upskilling our team to make sure they are treating you with industry leading knowledge.


Your after care is very important to us. We offer complementary reviews for all of our clients whenever they need them, our door is always open. For treatments that require a in clinic follow up, we will book your review appointment while you are in clinic having your initial treatment.

We are available to see you earlier if needed if there are ever any concerns. After your treatment you will be given your full after care information to ensure you are looking after your skin at home and getting the best results from your treatment.

We are proud to be partnered with Dibi Melano who offer high grade skin care. We will match your skin with the products needed for your specific skin and post treatment care.