NAD+ Timeless IV Therapy

NAD+ Timeless IV Therapy

The ultimate IV drip to help you live timelessly..

NAD+ is a coenzyme found in every living cell in your body and forms an essential part of the mechanism which counteracts accelerated ageing. 

Emerging evidence suggests that NAD+ offers a range of benefits including...

  • Slows down ageing
  • Boots metabolism and helps maintain a healthy weight
  • Improves congnitive performance
  • Increases energy levels and decreases fatigue
  • Provides powerful anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory actions, contributing to DNA damage repair and disease prevention

Reset the clock with Dr L'Art NAD+ Timeless IV Therapy

Dr L’Art is an industry pioneer in pharma grade NAD+ IV therapy, using only the highest quality NAD+. 

Our unique formulation of NAD+ IV therapy is meticulously curated by pharmaceutical and medical experts to optimise physical and mental performance, improve metabolic health and slow down ageing. 

We personalise a range of NAD+ IV programmes suitable for your needs and time commitments. 

Why choose Dr L’Art?

  • Enjoy your IV experience in a luxurious suite equipped with TV entertainment.
  • Be assured that our medically trained staff are on site for added safety.
  • A selection of healthy drinks are provided at your request.


What is the hype about drips and shots?

‘Drips’ and ‘shots’, or ‘IV therapy’, are not new. One of the most popular IV formulations known as the Meyers Cocktail was invented by Dr. John Meyers over 30 years ago. Today, we enjoy a wide range of well researched and expertly formulated ‘drips’ and ‘shots’ which offer an array of physical and mental health benefits.

Are they safe?

Yes. Our IV drips and shots have been developed on the basis of decades of clinical research and therefore have an excellent safety profile.

It should be noted that all medical therapies carry a risk, therefore it is important to have a consultation with a medical professional to understand your suitability prior to commencing on treatments. 

How are they delivered?

IV drips are delivered intravenously (into veins). 

Shots are delivered either intravenously via a ‘push’ or intramuscularly by injection.

What is the advantage over oral supplements?

Drips and shots are directly delivered  into the body, bypassing the digestive tract, therefore minimising loss and maximising absorption of minerals and vitamins. They are therefore also more convenient, requiring less often administration.

How many sessions do I need?

Whilst many people report improvement after just a single session, many continue on treatments for long term benefits. 

Is IV therapy prescription only?

Yes. This is the reason IV therapy should only be administered by medically trained professionals. 

At Dr L’Art, all IV therapies are delivered under doctor-led care.