Reclaim Your Confidence with Fat Dissolving Injections

Fat Dissolving Injections

Experience the transformative power of Aqualyx®, the leading solution for stubborn fat. Say goodbye to persistent fat pockets that resist traditional weight loss methods. At Dr L’Art, we redefine beauty and confidence through the innovative Aqualyx® fat dissolving procedure.

Aqualyx® is your key to conquering stubborn fat. This breakthrough treatment breaks down excess fat using plant-derived compounds. By disrupting the membranes of fat cells in the targeted area, Aqualyx® triggers the breakdown of fat cells. Over time, your body’s natural excretory systems eliminate these fat cells.

Aqualyx® targets stubborn fat...​

Aqualyx® contains plant-derived compounds and is scientifically developed to break down excess fat. By dissolving membranes of the fat cells in the injected area, Aqualyx® causes fat cells to become unstable and break and eventually eliminated by the body’s excretory systems.

Embrace your confidence and embark on a transformative journey with Aqualyx® at Dr L’Art. Reclaim control over stubborn fat and reveal your radiant self. Book your appointment today to experience the magic of effective fat dissolving. Your path to confidence and revitalisation starts here.

Aqualyx® treats the face and the body...​

Aqualyx®can be injected into both the face and the body for local fat dissolving with targeted treatment and visible results.

  • Face: Bid farewell to the double chin and buccal fat (lower cheek fat) for a more sculpted facial appearance.
  • Body: Say goodbye to stubborn fat in areas like the bingo wings, waist, abdomen, buttocks, and inner thighs.

We also offer weight loss services...​

For optimal outcomes, combine Aqualyx® with a healthy lifestyle and weight management. Accelerate your progress with our weight loss services, designed to facilitate safe and rapid weight reduction. Book a consultation to discuss your personalised journey to a revitalised and confident you.​


Is it safe?

Aqualyx® has been scientifically developed and tested. It is proven safe for fat dissolving. It is CE marked which means it has been approved as a safe product to use under the EU laws and regulations.

Am I suitable?

If you have exercise or diet-resistant fat anywhere in your body (except for around the eyes), you may be a candidate. Our doctor needs to first see you and measure the amount of fat and then make recommendations accordingly.

How many sessions will I need?

1 – 8 sessions may be required depending on the area of the body/face, the amount of fat and the individual metabolism. In some cases, visible results can be seen after just one session.

How long does the procedure take?

Depending on the areas of the body/face treated, the injection can take 30-60 minutes. 

When will I see results?

Different areas of the body/face will require a different total number of sessions. The results are most visible 6 weeks following the completion of the course recommended by your doctor. Between each treatment, we recommend a 4-6-week gap.

When can I return to normal activities?

Immediate tissue swelling is universal due to product placement. Mild to moderate swelling can develop and persist up to 1-2 weeks.

Daily massage is recommended to help the body eliminate the dissolved fat cells. While the treated area remains swollen, we advise against strenuous exercise and extreme temperatures, e.g., sauna. Once the swelling starts to improve, normal activities can be safely resumed.

How long will the results last?

As the body is extremely slow at regenerating new fat cells, once fat cells are dissolved, the results are as good as permanent.

We recommend keeping a healthy weight following the procedure for long term maintenance.